Since 1919

Logistic Engineering

As logistic experts, we have been gathering lots of experience over the years on numerous logistic challenges. Our logistic engineering team contains business analysts which seek a fitting solution for your specific challenge. In order to achieve this, they use knowledge, experience and research. Together with our in-house software developers, they will develop a solution that is fitting for both your needs and ours.

Software Engineering

We have an in-house team of software developers and project managers. This enables us to arrange our software applications to our needs and to stay in control of our digital systems. We use modern technologies in the development of our frontend, backend and integration applications. Our organisation uses these applications to manage and improve our logistic business flows.

Since 2020 our IT team works on the development of our own platform, the Oegema Group Data Platform(OGDP). Read more about the OGDP.

Business Analysis

We gather data from all the processes that we execute. We track our trucks via onboard devices, we scan all goods entering our cross docks and warehouses, and we automatically process the digital communication of clients and partners. Our business analysts combine the information from all these processes by means of data analysis techniques. With these analyses, we score our Key Performance Indicators(KPIs). We use the KPIs to monitor our processes and to quickly respond to deviations.

Our business analysts closely collaborate with our clients and partners. For example, they develop KPIs for the specific needs of our clients and partners.

The new Oegema Group Data Platform(OGDP) forms a great base for extending our information analysis. It can be used to gather more information and allows for modern analysis techniques. Read more about the OGDP.

Integration Specialist

Our IT team specialises in the development of all kinds of logistic systems and has been doing this for more than 20 years. In all those years, we have gained a lot of experience with various logistic systems and developed numerous digital integrations with clients and partners. Together with our clients and partners, we think about (digital) challenges and determine the best solution together.

We use the standard Open Trip Model for exchanging data with external systems.

Systeem Management

Besides, maintaining and developing our own software, we also use our own hardware to run the software. This provides us with complete flexibility in the design of our systems. Additionally, we have gained knowledge about the design and maintenance of modern IT systems that are scalable and redundant.

We expanded our systems with a Kubernetes cluster to support the requirements of the new Oegema Group Data Platform(OGDP). The Kubernetes cluster provides a flexible platform on which the OGDP applications run. Read more about the OGDP.