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Learning at Oegema Transport

‘Learning on the job’: it’s hard work but following a course while earning money can be very appealing.

Learning at Oegema

If learning while you’re earning is for you, follow an HGV driving course or one of our other logistics training courses. Oegema Transport recognises talent.

If you pass the course, then we can offer you job security. This way, we can help one another along the road to the future.

Logistics training courses

Each year dozens of young people and those already working in the business choose to train at Oegema. ‘Learning on the job’: it’s hard work but following a course while earning money can be very appealing. From an HGV driving course to training to be a warehouse/cross-docking assistant, dispatcher or mechanic; we can offer all kinds of opportunities. That is the advantage of a versatile company like Oegema.

We offer high quality courses and each participant has an individual mentor. Clearly there is a reason behind this. The young people we train are our employees of the future. They are the ones who determine our quality and are therefore of great value to our company.

On-the-job experience day

If you are interested in a job in logistics, come and visit us for a day to get an idea about whether it really is what you expected. Spend a working day in a truck with a mentor driver, experience the hustle and bustle of a cross-docking operation or get to know our truckservices activities; from maintenance and damage repairs to complete engine repairs.

Each part of our company has its own charm. Come and see for yourself!

Trainee group

A new trainee group starts every September. It’s a group of young people with a passion for logistics. They are all educated to at least higher professional (HBO) level, although sometimes senior secondary vocational students manage to convince us to let them participate.

The trainee group is intended for candidates who have the potential and ambition to be Oegema’s future managers.

Talent Programme

Our Talent Programme a training course in the Lean Six Sigma improvement method, supervised intervision and individual coaching. You will be appointed to a fully-fledged starter’s position at our company with a corresponding salary.

It is an exceptional opportunity to get to know all aspects of an innovative haulage company like Oegema.