Since 1919

Two-person distribution

The strength of two people especially for getting the goods to the right place.

This includes the new washing machine or furniture you bought online which needs to be taken up to the attic.

Over the threshold

More and more customers use two-man distribution service. This form of transport is perfectly suited to the delivery of products such as kitchens and appliances. We can go further than the threshold. Our driver and co-driver will take the goods to their designated place, whichever floor you want them on.

If you have goods that are awkward to handle, two-person distribution is the answer!

A kitchen, washing machine, cupboard or lounge suite; they are all awkward to handle items that you want delivered carefully to the right place.

Our two-person distribution service is the answer.

Trained employees

To ensure correct deliveries to private consumers, our employees are trained how to place items in people’s homes.

If you would like to know more about our two-person distribution service, please get in touch with us!