Since 1919

Our Added Value

Oegema Transport is more than just a transport company. We have kept up with the latest developments and, among other things, we have our own IT department where hardware and software staff do everything in their power to answer the demands of our customers.

Their work includes ensuring that you are able to view the whole shipping process 24 hours a day.

By keeping this service in-house, we can respond quickly and provide the high level of quality to which we aspire.

You can count on our understanding of your needs

Each customer has their own contact or is assigned to a particular department. You will always be dealing with someone who knows you and what your needs are, which means we can always work for you in a way that seamlessly matches your business operations.

If you need things done slightly differently, then you know right away who to call. Whatever your query may be, we are happy to help.

Oegema; for transports, warehousing and forwarding

Throughout the transport process (shipment, transhipment, handling and other warehouse activities) we operate under the ‘due diligence’ principle; we look after your goods responsibly and carefully.

You are of course more than welcome to visit our Warehouses in person to see for yourself the level of our service.

Connection of client software to Oegema software

We know from experience and contact with our clients that every sector works with its own software. Our skilled IT staff is able to connect our system with the software of our client seamlessly.

Manage your inventory in an efficient way: our IT staff will be happy to think along with you!