Since 1919

Our Departments

Our departments are particularly well geared to one another and capable of quick responses.

If you want to change something, we can handle it. We can also give prompt answers to your quesitons.


The warehouse is an indispensable link in our transport process. Loading and unloading trialers, sorting and checking goods; the work continues day and night.

Efficiency, quality and a pleasant working environment all form an integral part of our warehouse operation.


If you’re willing to roll your sleeves up, if you are precise, technical and only go home satisfied when a repair has been successfully completed, then our garage may be just the workplace you are looking for.

Each truck that stands still is one too many. The key task of our mechanics is to prevent that happening.


Are you looking for a job full of variety? You will find one at Oegema. We provide a range of transport services. From day-time and night-time distribution, international transport, furniture and kitchen transport to haulage for the construction industry.

As a driver you will find plenty of opportunities with us.


The dispatchers department’s job is to make sure our customers’ goods are delivered to the right place at the right time. As a dispatcher, you are in contact with our customers as well as our drivers.

You guide our drivers from A to B as efficiently as possible.


Oegema Transport is more than just a transport company. We have no less than 20,000 m2 of storage capacity.

Your job is to make sure our customer feel comfortable about leaving their valuable products with us.