Since 1919

Oegema employees; diverse and allround

Oegema is people company in the true sense. We know all of our people and customers by name.

Together, we work on the best jobs the world of logistics has to offer. Occasionally thinking outside the box means we are able to take on even the greatest of challenges.

As a team, there’s nothing we enjoy better. We roll our sleeves up, work hard and yet we always pay attention to one another and to our customers.


We are open to innovations and we are convinced that nothing is impossible.


Most of our employees – almost 400 in total – are HGV drivers. Each is properly trained to do their job. Many would describe their truck as a sort of home so we make sure that their vehicles always look good.

Our drivers perform a wide range of transports services. From day-time and night-time distribution, international transport, furniture and kitchen transport to transports  for the construction industry. We talk to each driver to find out which transport service best suits him or her and so that we can send them to the customers with 100% confidence in their skills.


From periodic vehicle inspections to engine repairs and everything in between; we can do it all in our own garage, which is staffed by our own employees. The only jobs we outsource are paint spraying and major damage repairs. Our garage is run by a team of twenty motivated workers. The share great passion and enjoyment in making sure that their colleagues can get safely back on the road with their truck or trailer.

Besides maintaining our own fleet, we also repair other operators’ vehicles. These are mainly trucks weighing more than 3,500 kg belonging to companies in and around Dedemsvaart.


Getting your orders as quickly and efficiently as possible to their destination is what our dispatching department is all about. Our dispatchers work with an automatic route planning software package.

The track & trace system means they can tell where the drivers are at any moment of the day and whether they are running behind or ahead of schedule. If necessary, the planner will discuss with the driver whether to change the delivery order.