Since 1919


Everything clean and taken care of down to the finest detail.

Our own truckwash

At our Dedemsvaart, location we have our own truckwash, which the whole fleet uses. We believe it is important for our vehicles to look a clean and well looked after. It symbolises how we treat our customers and their shipments.

We value each customer and each shipment and treat them with great care.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Once they’ve been through the truckwash, our lorries look as good as new. The truckwash operates sustainably using environmentally friendly products.

Our trucks are washed on an special floor so the waste sludge is properly disposed of.

Skilful and professional work

Our trucks are cleaned with utmost care. For this purpose we have professional equipment and we do a significant amount of work by hand. This allows us to achieve stunning results and gets us noticed by other organisations.

So much so that other operators regularly make appointments with us to use our truckwash.