Since 1919

Oegema Transport, more than transport

Family business with an enterprising character

We are proud of the roots of our family business in Dedemsvaart. Although we have grown into one of the biggest companies in the region and you can spot us all over the world, we have managed to retain our East Netherlands mentality. We are down to earth, solution-oriented and “can’t” does not appear in our dictionary.

This has been our corporate identity since Freerk Oegema founded the company in 1919. We shall never abandon this philosophy and our customers appreciate that.

Our word is our bond

Our company is made up of different divisions, from planning to warehousing, customer service and billing. All of these departments are particularly well geared to one another and capable of agile responses. If you want to change something, we can handle it. We can also give prompt answers to your queries.

If you would like to know the status of your shipment, then you can follow it online 24 hours a day.

Oegema: rethinking efficient transport solutions

Every day logistics presents us with new challenges and demands us to provide creative solutions. This happens to be exactly what we are really good at.

We will help you find the right solution to any challenge.

Wide-ranging and customer-specific transports located in the east of the Netherlands

A quick glance at our cross-docking facility in Dedemsvaart is all it takes to show the extent of our transport services. Pallets, oversized pallets, bundles, and long goods; you can all find them here.;

you can find them all here.

Where is my shipment?

You can easily follow the progress of your goods shipment here. Just enter your post code and the reference number we gave you.

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Working at Oegema Transport

There can be no transport without people. Working at Oegema is dynamic and offers a lot of opportunities.

Whether you are a driver, planner, mechanic, administrative assistant, truckwash worker or ICT specialist, you are the expert in your field and we will give you the corresponding responsibilities.

Do you want to develop your career?

We would be happy to help you achieve your goals! We can also offer you a great workplace atmosphere and job security.

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