Since 1919

The history of Oegema Transport

How and where it all started.

The beginnings of Oegema; our founder, Freerk

It all started in 1919. Freerk Oegema and his wife Trijntje Hietkamp had moved from Friesland ten years previously. At their home on Nieuwenwijk, Freerk had what was at the time a large wagon shed built. The Oegema livery stables and towing company (specialising in towing wagons and barges with horses) was born.

In 1925 the company expanded with the establishment of a second branch on Marktstraat. Here too, a wagon shed was built. A livery stable, bar and coffee house followed later. The wagon shed was largely used for coaches. Before the Second World War, the use of motorised lorries was still limited. In the years following the war, Oegema saw opportunities in road transports. The Oegemas’ son Sibbele built this business up himself. In 1948, after 29 years in the business, Freerk handed the baton over to Sibbele.

Oegema’s growth continues

Sibbele built up the Oegema business. In the fifties, the company moved to Moerheimstraat 126 and several years later it moved again to larger premises on Archimedesstraat. It was here that more and more focus was placed on transports. The coffee house, bar and coach garage slowly receded into the background.

Sibbele had owned Oegema for 21 years when he handed the business over to his son, Freerk in 1969.

Third generation; Oegema continues to survive

The third generation of Oegemas had it tough. The economy didn’t always work in their favour and not every business partner proved to be reliable. However, thanks in part to the strong support of his wife, Annie Oegema Bakker, Freerk managed to keep the business on its feet and carry on handing its workers their pay packet on time.

Freerk and Annie remained at the helm of the Oegema for no fewer than 30 years. In 1999, Freerk decided it was time to retire from the company, at which point the director’s chair would be occupied by another Sibbele.

Oegema Transport; enterprising and growing

These days, the fourth generation is in charge at the haulage company: Sibbele and his brother Gerlof. Each is responsible for his own part of the business. Sibbele is General Manager and Gerlof is in charge of the technical division. As a company, Oegema’s development is in full swing and there are plans for further expansion.

Briefly put, they are working hard towards the future!

Oegema is in full swing!

The very first Oegema Transport truck stands proudly in display before the entrance of the head office in Dedemsvaart. It is a beautifully restored vehicle that harks back the early years. Once inside the premises, you are catapulted into the present. It’s a modern company that meets current standards and where new developments are enthusiastically embraced.

There are plenty of things going on: the telephones never stop ringing and forklifts drive back and forth loading lorries with their next shipment. Oegema is in full swing!

Changes in the world of transport; Oegema moves with the times

Over the years, Oegema has been passed down from father to son.

This meant change was inevitable, however changes in the haulage sector also kept the company in motion.

Can you imagine that the first generation was involved in national horse-drawn transport? It is almost incredible when you consider today’s Oegema: a modern and forward-thinking company where all modes and forms of logistics are possible.

Rules and regulations; Oegema is an accredited company

At the time of its founding, there was little or no governmental control of transports or transport.

This is certainly different these days. Due in part to an increase in transport, logistics, expansion of the road network and a blurring of international borders, it was no surprise that the law and regulations came into play.

We have a well maintained fleet of truck and trailers which are equipped with the latest technologies and always inspected in time. Our organisation holds the required certificates and the inspections and accreditations are largely dealt with by our own staff.

This is because we stand for quality and we know that our own staff are motivated to uphold it