Since 1919

Corporate Social Responsibility

Oegema Transport Dedemsvaart B.V. is a company with a vision, a purpose and we see as our duty to set a social example the Dedemsvaart area.

We therefore do everything we can to operate as responsibly and ethically as possible.

Whether we are dealing with environmental issues or the local population and the community, we set our best foot forward.

Eco-driving style

We are an innovative company are keen to apply the latest technologies, especially when it comes to sustainability. Virtually all of our trucks have Euro 5 engines and a very large proportion even have Euro 6 engines. We also keep a close eye on the driving style of our drivers and the fuel consumption they achieve. Our lorry drivers are trained in the ‘new way of driving’ to encourage minimum fuel consumption. The disposal of oils, greases and other waste is carried out in a responsible way. Our trucks are even washed on an special floor so the waste sludge is properly disposed of.

In future we will be eager to switch to electric vehicles. We are following developments closely. We are also closely following the developments surrounding the production of H2 gas as a fuel for internal combustion engines. It is possible that our surplus electricity can be used for this purpose in future.

Business operations

As well as our lorries we are also making our business operations more sustainable. For instance, our waste collection is sorted, we use exclusively LED lighting and our truckservice is heated and cooled with the assistance of a geothermal heat pump system. On the roof of our premises we have 3,800 solar panels which means we are completely self-sufficient when it comes to electricity. The surplus power they generate is fed back into the grid.

Positionering in de samenleving

Oegema Transport has a clear, recognizable position in the surrounding area. Our company has grown strongly over the past 20 years and, bacause of that, is becoming more powerful. Nationally we belong to the larger transport companies. In recent years we have specialized in a number of areas and are known as a solid, high-quality performing company that is reliable and flexible. With 500 employees, we are a relatively large employer in the region.

Open Businesses Day

We are happy to let other people get to know our company and our business operation. As such, we took part in the Open Businesses Day that was held in April 2018. On that day we welcomed 2,500 visitors to our company. This glimpse into our processes and activities gave them a picture of our daily business operations.

‘Who wouldn’t want that?’

In the local industrial circle, we are closely involved in the ‘Who wouldn’t want that?’ (Wie wil dat niet’) project. Its aim was to interest entrepreneurs in and around the region in investing in and/or moving to Dedemsvaart.

Dutch Road Safety Association

For years we have been affiliated with our local branch of the Dutch Road Safety Association (Veilig Verkeer Nederland) which teaches children about vehicle blind spots, in particular the ones around lorries. In addition, we are regularly visited by secondary school pupils with a special interest in technology and/or logistics.


As a ‘big’ company and a ‘major’ employer, we are regularly approached with requests for sponsorship. Our sponsoring policy is threefold. Requests from employees are often honoured, provided the amounts involved are not too large. In addition we prefer to support regional projects. For example, as members of a regional entrepreneurs’ club, we have supported a ‘Save a Child’ (Red een Kind) project for many years. We also make annual donations to the Minke Foundation which encourages the development of dignity, community spirit and self-sufficiency in underprivileged areas.

We are also happy to sponsor sporting events. For instance, for some years we have been the main sponsor of a professional BMX team (Team TVE OEGEMA), we are supporting track cyclist Harrie Lavreysen on his Tour to Tokyo and we support numerous local recreational sports competitions, such as the Varia Run, the ‘nek-in-de-drek’ Mud Run and various football tournaments.