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With the extensive capacity of indoor (10.000 m2) and outdoor (20,000 m2) storage capacity Oegema Transport can be an integral logistic partner. We integrate storage and transports, stock management, order picking, just in time deliveries etc. Our organisation and IT systems are designed for these activities, the office is occupied 24 hours a day. Warehouse employees are loading the trucks in the evening and at night.

Oegema Transport Dedemsvaart B.V.

Pascalstraat 32
7701 SE Dedemsvaart
Tel: +31(0)523612039

Oegema Transport Culemborg B.V.

Erasmusweg 15
4104 AL Culemborg
Tel: +31(0)523612039

Oegema Transport Czech s.r.o.

Oegema Transport Czech s.r.o.
Hájecká 14
61800 Brno
Tel: +42(0)725502688
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