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In our modern equipped garage we carry out maintenance, repairs, renovations and inspections out of our own fleet and that of others. Also engine overhauls, light damage, complete overhauls and on-on or remodelling trailers, belong to our work.

Repairs on the road are also done by our own engineers in many cases. Our service van is equipped with all the equipment needed for a broken vehicle on the road.

Oegema Transport Dedemsvaart B.V.

Pascalstraat 32
7701 SE Dedemsvaart
Tel: +31(0)523612039

Oegema Transport Culemborg B.V.

Erasmusweg 15
4104 AL Culemborg
Tel: +31(0)523612039

Oegema Transport Czech s.r.o.

Oegema Transport Czech s.r.o.
Hájecká 14
61800 Brno
Tel: +42(0)725502688
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