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Furniture & kitchen distribution

For next day delivery or stocking, storage, order picking and transporting your complete kitchens or furniture we have the right solution.

Carefully handle the products, but also pay special attention to consumers makes this a department with its own specialty. In collaboration with the customer, it is possible to make specialties in the service to the consumer.

Consumers have to possibility to be informed of ETA times by SMS or mail. POD’s are made digital available for the customer.

Oegema Transport Dedemsvaart B.V.

Pascalstraat 32
7701 SE Dedemsvaart
Tel: +31(0)523612039

Oegema Transport Culemborg B.V.

Erasmusweg 15
4104 AL Culemborg
Tel: +31(0)523612039

Oegema Transport Czech s.r.o.

Oegema Transport Czech s.r.o.
Hájecká 14
61800 Brno
Tel: +42(0)725502688
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