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Customer specific transports

This section is responsible for transports that have to be carried out with special materials, transports that need special treatment, transports that need just that extra bit of attention, and transports where Oegema had taken over the entire logistics.

Especially in these transports we distinguish ourselves from other carriers.

Customers with special requirements regarding the equipment, the planning system or handling the load can always contact us. We see it as a challenge to find the best solution for each customer. In addition, our customers have the convenience of a smaller carrier and the advantage of a larger carrier.

Example of Customer specific transport

  • Trailers that are equipped with a double floor and a forklift
  • ADR class 1 and class 7
  • Special furniture routes which are compiled for a number of furniture customers
  • Shipments requiring special 24/7 emergency service
  • The complete planning and management of the collection for mail transport
  • With precise timeframes and including the management of several fixed colleagues carriers
  • Various customer specific milk runs, but the daily overflow is carried in our distribution

Oegema Transport Dedemsvaart B.V.

Pascalstraat 32
7701 SE Dedemsvaart
Tel: +31(0)523612039

Oegema Transport Culemborg B.V.

Erasmusweg 15
4104 AL Culemborg
Tel: +31(0)523612039

Oegema Transport Czech s.r.o.

Oegema Transport Czech s.r.o.
Hájecká 14
61800 Brno
Tel: +42(0)725502688
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