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Oegema Transport Dedemsvaart is a modern national and international transport company that offers logistics services to a modern level. For our clients we are a reliable partner. Short lines between customer, planning and drivers are our strength.

For more than 94 years our company provides several types of transports. Due to continuous investments in innovations, our organization, equipment and personnel our transports are very well organized.

Within our company we work with over 350 employees in a collegial way together. We value a good and friendly working relation.

Oegema Transport Dedemsvaart B.V.

Pascalstraat 32
7701 SE Dedemsvaart
Tel: +31(0)523612039

Oegema Transport Culemborg B.V.

Erasmusweg 15
4104 AL Culemborg
Tel: +31(0)523612039

Oegema Transport Czech s.r.o.

Oegema Transport Czech s.r.o.
Hájecká 14
61800 Brno
Tel: +42(0)725502688
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